Jackie and Morag Rennie

Jackie and Morag Rennie, have a mixed farming unit in the lowland North–East coast of Scotland. They use Essie Suffolk rams on their 300 Mule cross ewes. Lamb vigour at birth is an important essential with a spring lambing on a family farm which also has a busy farm shop, growing all their own vegetables.

“We are especially pleased with consistent fast lamb growth rates, with 50% of lambs finished off their mothers off grass in July /August to catch the higher lamb price. This also releases pasture for other stock. We find that Essie rams are strong, fleshy and vigorous and can last. Biosecurity is important to us and the high health of Essie rams directly consigned to our farm ensures that we do not introduce unwanted disease.”

Jackie and Morag have bought Essie rams for over 15 years – 2 / 3 every year.